At Linwood Law Limited, we strive to offer a skilled and dedicated legal service to our existing clients and to the community of Linwood.

Our motto is ‘A Lifetime of Support’. This reflects our intention to look after our clients through every step of their lives, as lawyers and trusted advisers.


Peter Richardson has retired from our legal practice with effect from 30 September 2023. After being a lawyer for some 35 years he feels that it is time to spend some time on other interests close to his heart.

Going forward, Peter will continue his association with Linwood Law in a more limited way, and will continue to work on existing files and guide them through to completion. Peter will work with any clients who wish to remain as clients of Linwood Law to transition your legal work across to one of our directors or senior staff.

For those clients for whom he is a trustee of your family trust Peter is happy to stay on as trustee, at least in the interim. Please be aware that after 30 September Peter’s availability will be limited, and should you decide it is more convenient to appoint a replacement trustee now, we are happy to work through the process with you.

If you have any specific questions about how Peter’s retirement from Linwood Law may affect any ongoing or future work, please do not hesitate to call our office

We have now merged with The Immigration Law Firm for all our immigration matters.
For more information, visit The Immigration Law Firm


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