Immigration Advice

Linwood Law has merged with The Immigration Law Firm.

The Immigration Law Firm, a branch of Linwood Law is based in Riccarton and consists of a New
Zealand immigration lawyer and a team of Immigration Law Advocates specialising solely in New
Zealand immigration and citizenship law.

Paulo Kündig has specialised exclusively in New Zealand immigration law and policy since 1986. He
has acquired since 1986 a vast amount of experience in handling all types of immigration
applications, under all categories, as well as in dealing with a huge variety of different immigration
problems, situations, and issues for clients who are already in New Zealand and for clients who start
the process while they are still overseas.

His team of Law Advocates has a wide variety of experience in all types of immigration applications
under all work visa categories including Skilled Migrant Category applications, appeals to the
Immigration and Protection Tribunal, Long Term Business Visa and Entrepreneur and Investor
categories, Ministerial appeals, and applications for character waivers.

As well as being a Notary Public since 1998, Paulo is a fluent speaker of the Portuguese language and
is able to do consultations and assessments for Portuguese-speaking clients in Portuguese, he also
has a working knowledge of Spanish and Italian. We also have team members that can help
Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, and Korean speaking clients with translating and receiving
communication as they have team members that are fluent speakers of those languages.

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